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Brand New Book by Tom Henry

    This book covers each state and their requirements for the applicant to take their license  exam. Most states differ in their requirements as you will note. The three keys in preparing and passing an electrical exam are:
1. reading
2. general math
3. retention (retaining what you have read)

    I had a lady student years ago who worked for an electrical contractor handling payroll and clerical work. She had never connected a wire in her life, but had the three key assests, she loved to read, used math daily in her work, and was very good at retaining what she was properly taught in class. She passed the master exam on the first attempt with a 76% score.
    The exam applicant's first step is to obtain the Bulletin of Information by contacting the contact listed for each state in this book.

Each BOI contains:
• The total number of questions on the exam, the maximum time allowed to take the exam and the percentage needed to pass the exam.
The scope of the exam.
• A content outline that lists all areas covered in the exam and the approximate number of questions drawn from each area.
• A list of references that were used to develop the exam in accordance with the requirements of local jurisdictions, including those references that may be used during the exam.

    As you look at the scope of the exam and the categories in which you are to be questioned, you need to determine your strengths and weakness categories.

    With test taking, it's not what we don't know that hurts, it's what we know that ain't so!

Always check the BOI for your area as several states have different rules and updates on what NEC is being used for the current exam.

    "Qualified people must not be excluded from passing, and unqualified people should not pass"

 Item #989     The United States Electrical Regulations    $26.00  

         Do you understand "fixed resistance?" A light bulb rated 100 watts @ 120 volts. What is the wattage if the voltage to the bulb is only 115?

            I perform several demonstrations on my desk using light bulbs with different wattages to show the difference in resistance and how it changes the brightness on the bulbs.
              Every time you ADD a load in a parallel circuit, the TOTAL resistance will be LESS!
                            •• This DVD is a must before ever taking an electrical license exam!

Math Review Workbook


Math Review Workbook
By Tom Henry                
    Unfortunately, math is often the most disliked and least understood subject taught in school.  This usually results from a failure, either on the part of the teacher or student, to appreciate the  practical usefulness of math. Problems are considered merely as "numbers," and the student never  really knows how this information was obtained and can be used in later life. As a result, the  student sees no good reason why they should attempt to understand even the most basic  operations. What does this have to do with taking an exam? The answer is this, without  understanding basic math operations, you cannot hope to pass an exam or be successful in the  construction industry.
    This book will take you through the many categories of math questions of which an electrician  is required to have knowledge for the electrical exam. I will repeat categories in exams through  out the book.

    You cannot excel in a subject if you don't understand it. The key is learning and understanding  a subject. Memory comes from overlearning. You don't forget how to walk or ride a bicycle. Too  many try to cram for a test or to memorize answers from previous exams. This results in failure.

    For some electricians, it has been twenty years or more since they have used math formulas. For  most, the last time was an apprenticeship class. Now, for the exam, we are required to be an  expert in applying all of the formulas.
        ITEM #999  Fundamentals DVD               $21.00   addtocart.gif 

        ITEM #982   Math Review Workbook       $21.00   addtocart.gif
     ITEM #1000  Fundamentals DVD and Math Review Workbook  Combo      $39.00   addtocart.gif 

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