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                   "Perfect - Practice - Pass "



    These modules are for a person taking their first electrical exam and for the electrician that didn’t pass exam by just a very few points. When working calculations one must attack their weakness in order to pass an exam.
    Over the years I have tutored students one on one to strengthen their weakness. I have written these modules so you can tutor yourself on your weakness with perfect practice. Proven learning methods. The perfect private tutor designed for you by Tom Henry.
    Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect Practice makes Perfect! What “perfect” practice really means, mistakes aren’t the problem. The problem is not taking the time to articulate the specifics of the mistake, the cause of the mistake, and the potential solutions, so you can avoid making that same mistake over and over. These modules will fully check you on this!

Study Smarter     

   You could say that the phrase study smarter is similar to the phrase study efficiently. The more effective you are in studying, more will get done and less time is wasted. Before you can go about changing this and becoming a more efficient student you need to be aware of your current effectiveness. Find your weakness, this has to be measured before we can improve it, the reason is fairly obvious. If you do not know where you stand, how will you know how far you’ve gone?

Tips for “Perfect - Practice - Pass”

    The key is reading the question looking for the key words, feeder-service, branch circuit, neutral, equal sizes, unequal sizes, school kitchen, school classroom, single-phase on three-phase.
    If an appliance will fit in more than one column, always compare the columns and select the smallest kW demand.    
    Solving these calculations has very little to do with being an electrician. Once you work this module and read the question carefully and use the format you will select the correct choice.
    Over the years in my teaching of this Table 220.55, I have invited guests to the classroom that are not electricians. I would invite them to use my code book, calculator and some note paper and follow along with my instructions and select the correct answer to the eight calculations given to the class. In most cases, 100% in their selection! It’s not a test of your electrical ability.
    When you finish this module you will welcome all the cooking equipment calculations that they ask! Even 1 phase ranges on a 3 phase system will seem easy!


       Get started today with “Perfect - Practice - Pass”


   I would suggest that rather than marking your choice of answer on the pages of the module you should mark your choices on some note paper, that way you can again work the questions again without seeing your previous choices. It’s called Perfect - Practice - Pass!
    More likely than not, you will select the wrong choice due to missing the key word. These questions have a few repeat questions to check you on this. It’s okay to miss it once, but NOT TWICE! 

        The National Electrical Code Table 220.55
  Household Cooking Equipment Demand Factors   

  A troublesome area for the electrician working maintenance or in the oil   fields.

    Now comes the key word “HOUSEHOLD” an area many electricians    have not worked in.

Item #992 .....................$16.00



   I can always relate to the lady that was a secretary for an electrical    contractor and had never connected an electrical wire. She attended  my prep class for Journeyman license and scored 77% first try, Two  years later I begged her to attend class and take the Master exam, in    which she scored 76% first try.
    Back in 1984 there was a county in Florida where you could take the  exam without showing any work in the field.
    She proved my point, you weren’t tested on how to connect a wire,    you are tested on how well you can read a question and SEE the key    words and operate a calculator!

Item #993 .....................$16.00




Item #994 "THE TWO-FER" BOTH MODULES FOR.....................$30.00


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